Production department of the “Twist-Off” caps

The “Twist-off” caps Ø66 and Ø82 are manufactured for sterilization and pasteurization. Strict control and high quality of materials allow us to produce products that meet all the requirements of international standards.

High-quality European materials
High performance
Automated process

Today, one of the most promising technologies for capping canned products in a glass jar is the use of a metal cap, sometimes referred to “Twist-off” closure.

Our production is equipped with an automatic line from Rainer Naroska for the production of “Twist-off” caps, whose high performance allows to produce up to 1000 caps/min. On the production line, a full cycle of manufacturing the screw cap is carried out, starting with loading the prepared sheets of tin and ending with packing the finished product in a corrugated box.

We produce screw caps with diameters of Ø66 and Ø82 in the standard color palette (golden, white, green, red, black), as well as with lithographic printing. The two-layer inner cover of the lid includes a primer coating and adhesive lacquers.21

“Twist-off”caps are available with the following profiles:

  • RTS – profile, without acoustic vacuum control button.
  • RSB – profile, with acoustic vacuum control button

Depending on the type of capping, various types of sealing paste (PVC-plastisol) are applied to the lids:

  • plastisol for pasteurization (capping up to 105°C)
  • plastisol for sterilization (capping up to 121°C)

For the production of "Twist-off" caps, we use white tin of the German company Rasselstein, as well as European paint and varnish materials, which allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality products.

Finished products are automatically packed in cardboard, the size of 380x380x390 with polyethylene inserts inside, protecting the lids from contamination. Further, the cardboards are stacked on 1200x800 Euro pallets.

An essential condition for the production of the“Twist-off” caps is the implementation of obligatory quality control through all production stages.Incoming control of all used materials, quality control at certain checkpoints, as well as automatic photo-control of the inner coating of the lid and sealing gasket, evaluation of the quality of finished products in comparison with the specified reference parameters are carried out.

All manufactured products are certified and comply with international quality standards.

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