Metal packaging assembly department

The Assembly department is equipped with high-performance conveyor lines of European manufacturers for the Assembly of three-part metal containers.

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ZTI METALPAK produces metal packaging for chemical and food industry. The heart of the production process for manufacturing metal packaging is the Assembly department. It is represented by conveyor lines for forming, welding and subsequent Assembly of three-part metal cans. The Assembly department includes 4 production lines of the world's leading manufacturers Soudronic (Switzerland) and Sabatier (France).

Assembly of metal containers for the chemical industry is carried out on the following equipment:

Name of equipment Diameter, mm Volume of cans, l
1 Production line for conical pails Ø286 10-26
2 Production line for conical pails Ø240 7-12
3 Production line for conical pails Ø180 2.5-5
4 Production line for cylindrical cans Ø99, Ø109 0.5-1.2

The following equipment is used for assembling metal canned food packaging:

Name of equipment Diameter, mm Volume of cans, l
1 Production line for tin cans Ø99 0.58-1

The excellent quality of the equipment and the unique technical experience of our employees make it easy to adapt to orders of any size and complexity; and high automation of production lines ensures the efficiency of their execution.

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