Printing department

High-end printing with perfect clarity and image quality makes it possible to embody the most complex ideas of your design projects.

High performance line
Orders of any level of complexity
Color accuracy of images

Today lithography is one of the most widespread and modern ways of adding brightness and color to packaging, combined with an individual design that attracts the consumer.

The mock-up of the picture can be applied to tin cans, conical pails, lids for them, as well as to caps of the “Twist–Off” type.

The lithography workshop of the ZTI METALPAK plant is equipped with a modern Mainlander222 printing line by KBA-Metalprint (maximum speed up to 7000 sheets per hour). The offset printing method is used, which provides excellent image quality. Only leading European manufacturers such as HUBER and SunChemical are used for printing. High integration with the production process and the prepress department ensures prompt order fulfillment.

The quality control of the printing process is carried out by specialists of the printing area using the TECHKON and X-Rite Spectro densitometers and is confirmed by the measurement protocol of the circulation sheets.

The term for applying full-color lithography is from 28 working days from the moment of approval of the layout.

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